Boondocking in Hood River

Boondocking is not for everyone…we are not even sure it is for us. You have to be ok with feeling like you are trespassing. You feel a bit vulnerable. The trick is to find the right place which is not easy. Most times we’ll camp…in a campsite but that is not always an option. He headed to Hood River for van overnight #2 and had Tucker park in mind–via a recommendation from a local–that turned out to be closed. The beauty of experimenting in Hood River is worst case scenario we drive home to Portland.

We got an early start in rainy Portland seeking sun. Our destination was Mosier because it tends to be dry when everyone else is wet. Low and behold two minutes outside of Hood River the rain stopped and the land transformed into rolling green hills and blue skies. Memaloose Overlook has a trail on the other side of the street that is unmarked. After such a tough, wet, winter we were giddy school children walking in the sun stripping off layers of clothing we though we would need.

Oak tree, and sparse green bushes dotted the landscape allowing our minds to expand from the grey fog of winter.

Flowers gently danced in the breeze rooted in worn out soil from a colder than normal series of months.

Moss hung from trees reminding us to slow down and see the things that are always there dangling amongst the newly sprouted.

Strange river-side cotton looking bushes surprised us on our walk only existing in one single section, seen once and never again on the entire loop.  Photos of these plants appear to be black and white with hints of yellow. I did, however, make the one below back and white. 

The yellow sat like small crowns on each branch.


After a long hike beers at Pfriem were in order.

Our final boondocking destination was a road with no pass through and houses on only one side. Still, with each passing car (we could not believe cars still drove by) we cringed and imagined worse case scenarios…such city folk.

The next morning was rain…not predicted but we didn’t care. We had and van and stuff!

Our Outside van looking ready anything we can throw at it.

It’s weekends like these that make the investment in a van worth while.