China deep sichuan

The crazy things we do in our youth.  For Sabine it was school but for me it was an opportunity that would force me to quite my job, pack up an entire house, and leave my cat with a stranger.

Sabine left weeks before me as I wrapped up details back at home and finished up my job. Within days of my departure America bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade resulting in riots throughout China. In a brief conversation at a payphone with Sabine she indicated that her class had been told not to leave the hospital compound where she was studying. Some students were frightened and worked out a fast exit. Sabine on the other hand remained calm and¬†casually encouraged me to still come. My flight was less than 10 hours away as the riots raged on. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be allowed to go but as I said about youth crazy and ignorance are often synonymous.